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Preventative Services

Our emphasis is on prevention of dental disease.  It makes sense that preventing disease is less costly and time-consuming than treatment of disease.  The services that we provide are dental prophylaxis (cleanings), routine x-rays, periodontal exams and oral cancer exam.

Prophylaxis (cleaning)

A dental cleaning or prophylaxis will remove hard deposits, soft plaque and extrinsic stains. On the average, patients should be seen at least twice a year. However, there are some patients that may require more frequent visits (every 3 or 4 months) in order to maintain the health of their teeth and gums.


Routine x-rays typically consist of bitewing x-rays (cavity-detecting) once per year.  In addition, a panoramic x-ray may be repeated every 3-5 years.  An x-ray called a peri-apical would need to be taken when we need to examine the area around the end of the root.

Periodontal exam

This exam consists of taking measurements between the tooth and the gum.  It helps us determine the state of health of the gums or presence of gum diseases and its severity.  This is usually done once per year depending upon individual circumstances.

Oran Cancer exam

When an exam is done by the doctor, she will, also, look at all of the soft tissues in the mouth including the tongue.  If there is any questionable areas, she will either schedule a follow-up appointment or make a referral to the appropriate specialist.