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Restoration/Prosthetic Services

Restoration and prosthetic services involve those services which may bring your dentition back to a healthy functional state. This can involve fillings, crowns, bridges, or a variety of options for implant restorations. It also includes removable partials and dentures.


A dental filling is a restoration that replaces missing tooth structure lost due to decay, fracture or even excessive wear.  They can be either silver amalgam or tooth-colored composite resin.


Crowns (also, sometimes called “caps”) are indicated when the tooth has extensive decay, large fillings or cracks, developmental defects or following most root canal therapy. They fit over the prepared tooth to restore form and function.  There are different materials that may be used in the fabrication of crowns depending upon the individual’s needs.  Besides individual use, crowns may be used to attach bridges, cover implants or for cosmetic reasons.


A bridge is a restoration which replaces or spans the space where one or more teeth have been lost.  The teeth on both sides of the span are prepared for crowns. These crowns will be attached to the false teeth or pontics.  The bridge is then cemented to place.


Implants are man-made artificial root forms that are placed into the jaw to replace missing teeth.  They anchor to the bone and act as a foundation for an artificial tooth, bridgework or even to help stabilize dentures.